Ardrishaig Public Realm Improvements

The Ardrishaig North Public Realm improvements is one of 6 projects that was selected to be taken forward through the Tarbert and Lochgilphead Regeneration Fund.

The John Smith Memorial Garden and adjoining open space and car parks are important public spaces in the heart of Ardrishaig, lying between Chalmers Street and Loch Gilp, and extending south from the public halls.  Thanks to the Tarbert and Lochgilphead Regeneration Fund, Argyll and Bute Council have the opportunity to work with the local community to deliver improvements to the area.  These will complement the investments that the community itself is making in the public halls.

It has been a long term aspiration of local residents and community organisations in Ardrishaig to see these spaces be made more attractive including provision of better space for community events, improvements to the car parks and upgrading of the paths and landscaping.

The project aims to improve the public realm around Chalmers Street to create an attractive environment which encourages people to stop, visit, enjoy and spend time in.

Following several rounds of public consultation, the improvements will include:

  • A new public space adjacent to the North Hall;
  • An improved waterside walkway with seating and a new lochside viewing area;
  • Improvements to the public garden between the two car parks;
  • Retention and reorganisation of the existing north car park including additional disabled parking;
  • Installation of dropped kerbs and paving to make access easier for all;
  • Relocation of the bus stop to enable a crossing to the Public Hall and better links towards the Crinan Canal; and
  • Improved accessibility for the Argyll Sea Kayak Trail making it easier for kayakers to go between Loch Fyne and the Crinan Canal.

You can view the plans here

Ardrishaig Public Realm Plan Ardrishaig public realm proposal arial view

Programme of works

We have appointed contractors, P1 Solutions Ltd to carry out the works which started on 29 August 2022 and are expected to complete during spring 2023.

Work to improve the public realm in Ardrishaig will involve substantial engineering and landscaping works but we will be working with the contractors to minimise disruption as much as possible during construction. 

Due to the scale and nature of the works, it will be necessary to close the site, this is the only safe way to deliver the works while protecting our contractors and the public. For the majority of the construction period the north car park will be closed however the south car park will remain fully open, alternative parking provision is available adjacent to Pier Square.

The North Car Park will be used as the site compound and from here the contractors will work through improvements to the garden space, waterfront area, creation of the new public space adjacent to the North Hall and the the car park itself and Chalmers Street footway.

Access to the North Hall and Public Toilets will be maintained throughout the majority of construction works however closures are required when works are taking place immediately outside of these buildings.

The public toilets are expected to be closed 14 November – 28 November inclusive and 15 December – 22 December 2022 inclusive.

Whilst construction works are taking place along the Chalmers Street footway, closure of the pavement will be required and traffic management may be in place during this phase of the works. We expect that a temporary bus stop will be put in place whilst works to the footway are completed.

There will be no access to the slipway or beach for the period of the works, access to the shore is available south of Ardrishiag Harbour. 

Planned works

Dates for undertaking


Pre-construction Preparation

June - August 2022


Site Set Up & Establishment

August/September 2022


Garden space works

September 2022 – February 2023


Waterfront works

September 2022 - February 2023


Public square works

October 2022 - February 2023


Car park, footway and bus stop works 

January - March 2023


Handover and completion

April 2023


Progress Updates

We will be providing regular updates on the works, including photos, by email to key stakeholders and interested parties, and on this webpage.

If you have any further questions or would like to be included in the regular email update please contact:

Andrew Collins - email or telephone 01436 657633.

Progress reports 

11 November - 

Progress over past fortnight:

  • Phase 2 – Viewing Platform and Amenity Space 
  • Installed pin kerbs and placed Type 1 subbase to vehicular strip from carpark to coastal path 
  • Installed new kerb along most of eastern edge of northern carpark
  • Installed kerbs and placed Type 1 subbase to ramp to viewing platform 
  • Placed remaining topsoil to grass strip south of ramp to viewing platform
  • Placed Type 3 to remaining section of coastal path up to slot drain at viewing platform 
  • Installed picnic tables and benches to amenity area 
  • Placed 2-6mm cement-bound grit base course to beneath picnic benches and to a few metres of coastal path just south of viewing platform 

Base tar to path New picnic benches 

  • Phase 3 – Public Square 
  • Moved site units south to accommodate commencement of first phase of Phase 3 works in front of toilets and hall 
  • Broken-out and removed existing surface down to formation across ground from seawall to most of main tree pit 
  • Excavated most of main tree pit along northern edge of carpark, and placed root protection barrier, drainage course, subsoil, and structural tree soil
  • Installed most of kerb to northern edge of carpark

Public square formation

  • Phase 4 - Carpark and Footpaths
  • Installed brick shaft and cover to gully at southern slot drain, and installed aluminium edging from gully to adjacent coastal path
  • Placed tarmac base course to kayak route and footpath behind new bus stop 

Expected progress over next fortnight:

  • Phase 3 - Pubic Square
  • Extend site northwards and westwards, closing-off public toilets and hall to commence second phase of Phase 3 works
  • Break-out and remove remaining ground down to formation in front of public toilets and hall
  • Excavate and fill hall tree pit and remainder of main northern tree pit
  • Install slot drain, edging and remaining kerbing
  • Place subsoil and topsoil to hedge and shrub bed
  • Reset ironworks
  • Place Type 1 to cleared area
  • Place tar and 2-6mm cement-bound grit base courses to Type 1
  • Install street furniture including foundations

Public Toilets:

To facilitate the ongoing public realm project at Ardrishaig the public toilets are expected to be closed 14 November – 21 November and 15 December – 22 December 2022, these dates may change.

Alternative facilities are available to view at Public toilets in Argyll and Bute (

1 November -

Progress over past fortnight:

  • At seawall viewing platform:
  • Broke-out and cleaned-back large lump of mass concrete behind seawall, to accommodate paving build-up
  • Placed Type 1 and tarmac for paving build-up
  • Replaced concrete foundation for masonry wall
  • Installed slot drain

Viewing area 1 Viewing area 2 Viewing area 3


  • Drainage along coastal path:
  • Installed 2no pipe connections to existing northern coastal outfall pipe
  • Excavated trench for pipe along coastal path and commenced pipe installation
  • Installed 1no gully to improve drainage in carpark, and 1no gully to discharge water from slot drain at southern edge of carpark
Placed electrical supply ducting from northern carpark entrance to new bus shelter location

Expected progress for next fortnight:

  • Install most of new kerbs to eastern edge of northern carpark
  • Complete drainage works along coastal path
  • To vehicular strip connecting northern carpark to coastal path: place tarmac and install pin kerbs
  • Install drop kerbing for connection from northern carpark to seawall viewing platform
  • Break-out and remove existing planter build-out into northern carpark
  • Install picnic benches
  • Place base course beneath picnic benches to receive resin bound gravel surface
  • Complete placement of last of topsoil to amenity space behind seawall
  • Commence first phase of works closer in front of public toilets and North Church Hall:
  • Strip existing surface, excavate to formation, and place Type 1 base course for first paving area
  • Excavate and build-up tree pits, and place surrounding aluminium edging
  • Install slot drain

Advance Notice:

To undertake works to the frontage of the Public Toilets building, the toilets will be closed on two separate occasions. The first closure, for 12 Days between the 11th November – 21 November, 2022 and the second closure for 6 Days between the 8 December – 15 December, 2022


14 October 2022 - 

Progress this week (w/b 10/10/2022):

  • Tree pit at southern edge of northern carpark: completed placing drainage course, tree anchor systems, root protection barrier, subsoil course, most of structural tree soil, most of carpark kerb, and, most of slot drain.
  • Completed placing geotextile and surface gravel to edge of path down to slipway and to around memorial
  • Excavated to formation at viewing platform

South tree pit

Expected progress for next fortnight:

  • Tree pit at southern edge of northern carpark: complete placement of structural tree soil, slot drain, and carpark kerb
  • To viewing platform at seawall:
    • Break-out and remove section of concrete from back of existing seawall to accommodate paving build-up
    • Install slot drain
    • Place concrete foundation for new masonry wall
    • Place Type 1 subbase, and tarmac base, and commence placement of bedding and precast concrete sett paving
    • Repair broken pipe at unmapped gully excavated
    • BT Openreach to commence modifications to existing infrastructure around access chamber at new bus stop location

Advance Notice: To undertake works to the frontage of the Public Toilets building, the toilets will be closed between 23 November and 15 December 2022.

7 September 2022 

P1 Solutions Ltd, commenced work on the Ardrishaig North Public Realm project on 29 August 2022. Since then work has focused on:
• Site setup including installation of all welfare and storage units and, erection of security fencing;
• Existing paving around central tree in garden area removed and reinstated flat at higher level, to remove trip hazards and avoid tree roots;
• Repaired damaged patches on four paths through garden area;
• Removed existing path along back of seawall, ready to receive new path material;
• Cleared hedge and shrubs from along edge of northern car park, to prepare area for new surfacing.
Works to path  Paving around tree
Planned works progress for next the 2 weeks include:
• In the waterfront and garden space
  • Construct new seawall path
  • Install aluminium edging
  • Place Type 1 and tar base layers, ready to receive final resin bound gravel surface towards end of project
  • Relocate bin and map board sign
  • Place gravel surface to edge of new path down to jetty
  • Repaint seat around garden central tree

22 August 2022 - Work is due to start on 29 August 2022. The Council has employed contractors P1 Solutions Ltd to undertake the works and they have indicated that works will commence in the garden area before extending around to the waterfront, focusing on the new public square and finally the works to the Chalmers Street (A83) footway. It is expected that works will be completed so that the site can be opened for summer 2023.

During the course of works there will be some disruptions, whilst the contractors will be working to keep these to a minimum they are unavoidable for the planned improvements to be put in place. The northern of the two Council car parks in Ardrishaig will be closed from 29 August 2022 and we are asking that all vehicles are removed by this date. The car park will be used for the contractor’s compound and as such it would not be safe for it to be used by members of the public during the period of construction. The southern car park will remain open and unaffected.

Access to the Argyll Kayak Trail launch point, slip and beach will closed off whilst works are ongoing. Alternative access to the shore is available south of Ardrishaig Harbour. Access to the public toilets and the North Hall will remain open throughout the works however pedestrians should follow signage as appropriate. When works are undertaken along the footway it is expected that this area will be closed off and traffic management will be put in place, we will advise further about this closer to the time.

The contractor is planning to hold an information evening and information will be posted on this page as soon as it is available.

12 July 2022 – we have let a contract for the works in Ardrishaig to P1 Solutions Ltd and off site preparatory work is underway. It is expected that works will commence late August/early September and be completed Spring 2023.

Public consultation

The designs were informed by a steering group which included community representation from Ardrishaig Community Council and Ardrishaig Community Trust. Public consultation events open to everybody took place in September 2019 and June 2020, the latter online due to government restrictions in relation to Covid-19. A dedicated website detailing the proposals and enabling interested parties to have their say was established - The information provided helped to shape the final design which seeks to deliver the key elements which the local community said were important to them. 

You can read the consultation report from the June 2020 consultation.

The planning application for the final design was submitted in April 2021, reference number 21/00868/PP, with approval being granted on 30th September 2021. Details of the planning application and the decision can be viewed here.

Our funders

The project is funded by Argyll and Bute Council’s Tarbert and Lochgilphead Regeneration Fund, The Crown Estate Scotland, Sustrans, The Green Infrastructure Fund and HiTrans.

Contact details

Andrew Collins


Telephone 01436 657633.

Ardrishaig front   Ardrishaig car park