Libraries - Children and Young People

Our library staff encourage all children and young people from babyhood to school-leavers to join their local library.   We hope that it will become a lifelong habit and aim to make it a happy and stimulating experience for them.

To join, your parent or guardian should complete a membership form and provide a form of identity.  Then you will be able to start borrowing straight away – and it’s free!  Until you leave secondary education, you can request books from other libraries in Argyll and Bute free of charge.

To use the computers in the library, you have to be 11 years of age or older.  Both you and your parent need to sign a Responsible Use Agreement.  Online safety is strictly enforced just as it is in schools.  The only charge we make is for print-outs.

Book collections

Picture books and board books are available for our younger readers and as our young readers progress, there is a wide variety of more challenging books to entertain, amuse, inform and even help with homework!  We also have access to encyclopaedias on our website. Special, themed displays of books are regularly moved around the libraries and always prove popular.

Family collections

There are ups and downs in all families and many of our branches have a special collection of books for both adults and children dealing with all kinds of topics from what to feed your children to difficult topics such as bullying. “Firsts” such as a first trip to the hospital or the dentist are dealt with and books on “Situations” which may prove difficult to discuss are available on request.

Audio Books and Large Print

Each library has a collection of audio books.  These are very popular with families especially during long journeys but even more valuable for children with visual impairments.  We have a collection of Large Print books as well and, for children with dyslexia, a selection of enjoyable stories can be made available. Just ask at your local library.

Tesco Bank - Summer Reading Challenge

Every year, hundreds of children in Argyll and Bute head for their local library during the summer holidays to take part in this challenge – to read six books and take part in fun events and activities.




The book delivery scheme (previously known as Bookstart) was rebranded as Bookbug in Scotland in June 2010 and Health Visitors now deliver Bookbug Baby Bags at 6 weeks and Bookbug Toddler Bags at 18 months.

Bookbug Pirate Bags are delivered at 3 years by Nurseries and Pre-School Units.  There are also 3 free books for P1 children given out during the Autumn term in schools.

Libraries work with the Health Visitors and Early Years Team to make sure that the babies and toddlers receive their bags at the appropriate time.  If your child has missed a bag, your local library will supply you with one and pass your details on to your Health Visitor.

Bookbug Sessions

These are much like the Bookstart Rhymetimes and are held in various locations throughout Argyll and Bute.  These free, fun and friendly events for babies and toddlers encourage parents to spend quality time with their little ones, learning songs, rhymes and listening to stories.  It’s a great way to meet other families and it helps children develop their language skills.  Check the website or ask at your local library for venues and times.

Bookbug’s Library Challenge

Children aged 0-4 who join the library can take part in the Challenge.  A Collector’s card is given out to the parent and stamped each time the child visits the library.  Six stamps on a card mean you can swap it for one of six limited edition certificates inscribed with your child’s name, and then you can take it home to exhibit it in pride of place!