Health and Social Care Partnership Budget Consultation

Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) delivers a broad range of services to our communities, many of which are most used by very vulnerable people.   Our vision is that people in Argyll and Bute will live longer, healthier, independent, happier lives and this underpins all that the HSCP does.

Our population is ageing, and this is happening faster than elsewhere in Scotland, so this gives us particular pressures and demands for Older People services. We have other pressing demands with treating long term health conditions like cancer, heart disease and stroke, for example, obesity is driving up demand for diabetes related services which now cost 9% of the total NHS budget in Scotland.

At the same time, the resources available to the HSCP are declining in real terms year on year. We simply cannot continue to provide the same services in the same ways.  We have to find efficiencies, transform how we operate, and do less going forward.  These are difficult choices, and there are no easy options left to reduce our spending.  We would really value your views to help us make the best decisions that will affect all of our lives.

This consultation is about high level budget decisions and how we prioritise our investment in local services, when it comes to the impacts on services being delivered, we will carry out further detailed community engagement over the coming year. This will include working with people who will be affected by these changes including patients, carers, our staff and partners to ensure we listen to and take into account their ideas and worries.

Find out more and take part in the 2020/21 Budget Consultation

Consultation dates: 

5 Feb 2020 to 4 Mar 2020