Community Safety Partnership

The Argyll and Bute’s Community Safety Partnership Co-ordinating and Tasking Group

Argyll and Bute is a safe place to live in and visit and has a low crime rate. There are, nevertheless, issues which impact on community safety.

Localised problems of disorder, anti-social behaviour and vandalism occur in urban centres and are usually related to alcohol and sometimes drugs.

Road and Water safety affects the whole of Argyll and Bute and Community Safety Partners have an important role to play in promoting and developing a culture of safety on the roads and water.

Partnership Structure and Responsibilities:

The Partners

  • Partners are drawn from organisations involved in the delivery of Outcome 6: People Live in Safer and Stronger Communities and related community safety activities.
  • Partners also link into other partnerships and networks with a focus on specialised elements of community safety as part of their day to day activities and bring this knowledge to the forum
  • A list of the organisations involved can be found on page 4 of the Community Safety Strategy 2021  -2023

The Argyll and Bute’s Community Safety Partnership Co-ordinating and Tasking Group aims to improve the quality of life of residents and visitors to Argyll and Bute by reducing risks and protecting them from hazards, threats and the criminal or anti-social behaviour of others.

The Argyll and Bute Community Safety Strategy 2021 - 2023 identifies four priorities based upon a strategic assessment of community safety issues including analysis of data, consultation with partner services and engagement with residents about their concerns. The strategic assessment underpins a problem solving approach to Community Safety and action which focuses on education and prevention, early intervention and, where appropriate, enforcement measures. The Partnership have agreed on four priorities for the Community Safety Partnership which are:

  • We live in a safe and positive community
  • We encourage safer road and water use
  • Our natural and built environment is protected
  • Our communities are supported and included

The Community Safety Partnership, Co-ordinating and Tasking Group meetings are conducted once per quarter, for further information contact

You can download the Argyll and Bute Community Safety Strategy 2021 - 2023

For further information on the Community Safety Strategy and Anti-Social Behaviour Sub Groups contact

Or alternatively, contact 01586 559046