Advice for people at highest risk

Coronavirus vaccine

Information about the vaccine rollout and what to do if you need help getting to your vaccine and booster appointment:

Distance aware scheme

Find out more about the Distance Aware Scheme

Distance Aware is a new scheme launched in Scotland to prompt people to take extra care around those who would appreciate it, including keeping their distance.

Badges and lanyards are now available to collect from all libraries in Argyll and Bute

Check Coronavirus case numbers and data in your local area:

Public Health Scotland’s interactive dashboard now provides a map showing the number of cases in local areas, as well as trends for local authorities and NHS boards

Accessing help and support

If you have urgent medical needs you should contact your GP or NHS 111.

British Sign Language videos are available explaining steps you can take to help avoid infection from coronavirus (COVID-19); what to do if you think you have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms; self-isolation and shielding advice and helpline information.