Volunteering and supporting people


Volunteer Argyll & ButeThere is a central point for volunteers to register in order to learn about and sign up for volunteer opportunities that will support communities across Argyll and Bute. Once registered you can search for volunteering opportunities online. Please note that we now have sufficient volunteer befrienders to do regular calls to isolated customers

We really appreciate all interest in volunteering and would like to thank everyone who has signed up so far. Looking after our volunteers and the people they are helping is a priority for us.
To keep everyone safe and limit the risk of contracting COVID-19, we are asking volunteers under the age of 65 to register.
In addition, please look at your current health and identify any existing condition that may put yourself or others at risk before registering. Thank you and stay safe.
Covid-19 is a new disease and evidence is continually emerging. Guidance is prepared on the best available evidence at the time.

Register as a volunteer here  Search for volunteering opportunities here

Volunteering Safely

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Community support guideGuidance for volunteering safely

This short guide is aimed at supporting community groups / organisations and local people who are volunteering to support the vulnerable and elderly during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak (updated 15th April 2020)

Read the Volunteer Support Guide here

We would advise where possible people wishing to volunteer should link to an existing organisation in your community.

We have some 1-pages guides for volunteers available here, with tips on how to keep yourself and the people you are supporting safe:

The key message is remember your safety and the safety of the people you are supporting is paramount.

Guidance on PVGs

  • The Coronavirus emergency bill states that there will be relaxations to certain requirements under the PVG legislation.
  • There are several support activities which definitely do not require a PVG check such as shopping, cash handling, having access to people's details     and dog walking. Each organisation has to risk assess these activities and consider whether there is a need for any further safeguarding such as supervising new volunteers more closely.
  • Refer to the guidance from Volunteer Scotland on this.

Guidance on confidentiality

Many groups may be carrying out tasks outwith what they normally do. Any personal information relating to someone asking for help whether that be the recipient of a delivery or support, must be treated as confidential.  The confidentiality document can be sent to volunteers to cover the key points.

Read the FAQS for community groups and organisations here

These FAQs contain information like: how to continue to work digitally and safely, varying your current funding obligations and volunteering issues. 

  • You can also register to volunteer by calling the Coronavirus Caring for People Helpline 01546 605524 open 9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri.
  • The national campaign ‘Scotland Cares’ is being coordinated by the Red Cross. If you are a returning health or care worker or would like to become a community reserve volunteer, visit www.readyscotland.org/coronavirus/volunteering
    There has been an exceptional response to the Scotland Cares national volunteering campaign. As a result, the recruitment of new volunteers is currently paused. The campaign may be restarted if more volunteers are needed in the future. 

If you are a local group looking for help, for example you may need volunteers or need us to refer people to your support,  please call 01546 605524 and ask to be put in touch with your local Caring for People Team.

You can also e-mail: communitydevelopment@argyll-bute.gov.uk

Nationally, Ready Scotland have information to help your neighbours, friends and family at this time:

BEFRIENDING:make a befriending referral (recommend someone or yourself to be befriended)
Please note that we now have sufficient volunteer befrienders to do regular calls to isolated customers


If you are looking for funding opportunities for your community group or organisation, check our Funding page regularly, as it is updated with new funding opportunities as they become available

Support for third sector and community groups

Information from the Third Sector Interface to support third sector organisations

Argyll & Bute TSI has a COVID-19 Resources section on their website with information pertinent to the third sector. The Third Sector Interface provides information for Charities, Social Enterprises and Community Groups on Covid-19, funding, changes to governance and reporting, safe volunteering and access to a free phone number for 3rd Sector Support at this time.

If you are a third sector organisation needing support, please reach out directly to the TSI via phone at 0300 303 4141 or email at support@argylltsi.org.uk

Information from the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

SCVO has a Leaving Lockdown page which contains useful information, much of which is Covid-19 specific, on:

Information regarding support to Social Enterprises from Social Enterprise Scotland

The Scottish Government have announced a £20 million Third Sector Resilience Fund to help ensure the health and continued viability of social enterprise and third sector organisations. More information can be found here.  Social Enterprise Scotland have created a resources page regarding financial and other support specifically in relation to Coronavirus Covid-19. Social Enterprise Scotland remains open for business and have asked that any members with specific concerns on Covid-19 and the impact on their business to contact duncan.thorp@socialenterprise.scot

Social Enterprises can also contact Inspiralba who provide support and information to Social Enterprises across Argyll and the islands.  Given the pace of change and range of responses, local knowledge is informed via weekly update meetings with national social enterprise partners, including SENScot and Just Enterprise.  Inspiralba are also delivery partners for Scottish Government Just Enterprise support, with advisors including Business Resilience Support, able to assist organisations with specific challenges as a result of the impact of Covid19 on their sustainability, this includes, for example support to work through cash flow and identify the appropriate support options to ensure they remain sustainable to retain vital services beyond Covid19 lockdown.  Information on support is available on Inspiralba CoronaVirus Support Page and via e mail to aclark@inspiralba.org.uk tel: 07748674861

Information for Gypsy / Travellers - a Facebook page has been set up for the Gypsy / Traveller community in Scotland - this is a a joint intitiative of the Scottish Government, COSLA, Article 12 in Scotland, MECOPP, Progress in Dialogue and STEP, and aims to provide factual and up-to-date information on Coronavirus to the Gypsy/Traveller community in Scotland.

Help, advice and support for those volunteering and helping out in their communities - our volunteering page has lots of helpful advice and guidance for individuals and groups that are supporting people

Funding - our funding page is kept up to date with the latest funding news and sources for community and third sector groups

Information specifically for businesses that are affected by COVID 19 can be found here.

Animal Welfare Advice

Scottish Government Advice for Animal Owners

If you are too unwell to care for your animals and do not have anyone nearby who can help, for further advice and support please phone: