Council tax e-billing

To sign up for the new online portal visit and then select“Register”. You will also find a useful video at the bottom of the page with full instructions on how to sign up. You will need your 10 digit council tax account number which starts with a 5. Your reference number is on your most recent Council Tax bill. If you don’t have that to hand you can call our Customer Service Centre on 01546 605511 and ask them to give it to you.

E-billing is a faster way to receive your council tax bill. It also saves on paper and reduces our printing and postage costs. To receive e-bills, you are required to set up an online council tax account, via the MyAccount service, after which an email will be sent to you at the time a bill is loaded on to your account. Once logged into your account, you can view your document which will be stored in your account.

The new online Council Tax Account and online Benefit claim service allows you to see:

  • Your Council Tax account
  • Any balance due
  • Your instalment plan
  • Previous payments
  • Any Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction you receive
  • Copies of your Council Tax bills, Housing Benefit award letters, etc.

You can also apply for Council Tax single person discount, empty home discount and report a change in circumstances which could affect your benefit.  Being online means that you will have access to all this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The council is now offering all of our online services through a single login using the national MyAccount authentication. The Council Tax and Benefits portal is just the latest in the range of personalised services on MyAccount, including your bin collection days, tracking service enquiries and bookmarking those pages on the Council website.

We hope you like this new service.  We really value your opinions and welcome any feedback you might have. You can get in touch with us by e-mailing