Childcare, School and Education Grants

Free School Meals

You may be entitled to free school meals if you meet the eligibility criteria

Since 5 January 2015, all pupils in Primary 1-3 are entitled to a free school meal. Parents do not have to register for this; all pupils will receive this meal automatically.
If your child is in Primary 1-3 and attending Ulva Primary or Iona Primary, please contact the Head Teacher to discuss the local arrangements, as no lunch is currently provided.

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School Clothing Grants

Grants of £100 are available for any child who will attend an Argyll and Bute Council school from AUGUST 2019 and who meet the eligibility criteria

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Education Maintenance Allowance

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is an allowance worth up to £30 per week for eligible students who are planning to continue in full-time post-compulsory education.  The allowance is payable fortnightly in arrears during term time.  Payments will be made direct to the student’s account.

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Argyll Educational Trust Award

This award is eligible for students, schools and educational institutions for several criteria, including travel and education fees and supporting projects. It is non means tested but not applicable for residents in Helensburgh and the Isle of Bute. You can find out more about this award and apply here.

The Family Information Service

The Family Information Service can provide guidance about what help is available when paying for childcare.