Fitness Classes - Weight Loss

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Spinning© is an indoor group cycling experience for all levels and abilities. There are no complicated moves to learn, just fantastic music. This can be a great way to burn between 500-900 calories and keep your leg muscles strong and toned. In some of our gyms we have Spinning© classes set out for more advanced users and those who prefer the shorter 30 minute course.

Spinning at Aqualibrium







Xtreme Circuits

Ideal for anyone, Xtreme circuits combines traditional and non-traditional bodyweight exercises with resistance training, using a variety of equipment for a total body workout.  Get a flavour of other classes as Xtreme circuits incorporates exercises and techniques used in several different classes. There are endless amounts of exercises to choose from, not one class will be the same!



A 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class using dynamic bodyweight exercises designed to increase your resting metabolism. Burn between 200 - 400 during the class.  However the after burn effect (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) can last for 24hrs.  This means you are still burning calories while you are at rest. Suitable for intermediate to advanced participants. Also known as Activ8.

Fat Loss Bootcamp

This is a 6 week course including progressive exercise intensity classes. You will be weighed in at the start and have a body fat percentage analysis done. Daily diet sheets are filled in and  monitored by the fitness coaches. Throughout the 6 weeks you will receive advice on good nutrition and how to follow a balanced, healthy diet.