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Service review highlights good work in Environment Development and Infrastructure - 12 Sep 2019 - 16:33
Good practice from across the Environment Development and Infrastructure department is supporting the council’s ambitions to create a diverse and thriving economy and safer, stronger communities.
Waste Strategy consultation attracts 1000 responses - 12 Sep 2019 - 16:25
Argyll and Bute Council’s Waste Strategy Consultation attracted almost 1000 responses, with 96% agreeing that ‘reduction, reuse and recycling’ is the best method of managing waste.
Policy to keep Argyll and Bute moving in winter approved - 12 Sep 2019 - 16:13
The Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee has agreed its standard Winter Service Policy, which will keep Argyll and Bute moving throughout the winter of 2019/20.
Teacher Karen's love for Argyll and Bute - 11 Sep 2019 - 14:37
When Karen Adams visited Dunoon with her colleagues she didn’t just fall in love with the area, she also fell in love with the man who was to become her future husband.
Teaching in Argyll and Bute - 9 Sep 2019 - 14:56
It's no secret that local authorities are facing difficulties recruiting teachers. That's why, over the next few weeks, we'll be looking at what makes teaching in Argyll and Bute so special.
Waste collection calendars move online - 9 Sep 2019 - 14:05
The council has introduced new, simple to use on-line information services which allow house holders to check their next bin collection day on the website.
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