How to make a community emergency plan

We have prepared emergency plan templates, which you can or change in whatever way suits you and your community, including adding your community name, logo etc.

Download the templates:

The step by step guide to making your plan below will help you put together and use your plans

Different communities face different issues, and have different strengths and ideas about how to tackle them. So, your Community Emergency Plan will be unique to your community. The plan is specific to your community council area, but can be split into local areas if required.

It is very important that you talk to people in your community who have resources they can use to help.

The Scottish Government's Ready Scotland website is a useful source of information for communities that want to develop Community Emergency Plans.

Making your plan

Guiding you through deciding who the plan is for, getting advice, thinking about the risks to your community and your local skills, knowledge and resources, involving all the people who can help and actually writing and testing your plan
Helping you decide how and when you should activate your plan and manage communications, and points to consider when your plan is activated
Advising you on how to practice and check your plan, and who to keep in touch with when you are doing this
Assisting you to decide on your actions after your plan is used in an emergency situation, and how to learn from the experience

Getting advice and assistance

If you want advice and assistance preparing your plan contact Argyll and Bute Council Emergency Planning on:

01436 658728 or 01436 658729

Argyll and Bute Council also has examples of completed emergency plans from other communities and can send copies to you if requested.