Scottish Legal Aid Board & Civil Legal Assistance Office

Civil Legal Assistance Office - Argyll and Bute

The Civil Legal Assistance Office- Argyll and Bute helps people in the area get help with their legal problems. The Scottish Legal Aid Board employs a full-time solicitor to give legal help on many different kinds of problem, where there is unmet legal need. To be eligible to use the Civil Legal Assistance Office you must live in Argyll & Bute, have a civil legal problem (not to do with criminal law) and have tried unsuccessfully to find a lawyer or don’t know how to find one.

To get In touch:

Civil Legal Assistance Office
Municipal Buildings
Albany Street
PA34 4AW
01546 604106


Scottish Legal Aid Board

Legal aid allows people who would not otherwise be able to afford it to get help for their legal problems. The Scottish Legal Aid Board was set up in 1987 to manage legal aid in Scotland.

Civil or criminal legal assistance helps people to get legal advice and "representation", which means a solicitor to put their case in court.

To find out more about legal aid, if you qualify, where to find a legal aid solicitor or how to order leaflets you can call the Legal Aid Helpline on 0131 226 7061. Please note that Scottish Legal Aid Board do not provide legal advice but will be able to direct you to an appropriate contact. Calls are charged at local rate and for training and monitoring purposes your call may be recorded.  

Alternatively visit the Scottish Legal Aid Board website.