Performance and Improvement

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Argyll and Bute Council works every day to deliver services that touch on all aspects of life in Argyll and Bute, and by working with partners helps to build a prosperous future for Argyll and Bute. Here you can find information on how your council is benefitting the lives of people who live, work and visit the area.

Did you know:-

  • Argyll and Bute is the second largest local authority area in Scotland (690,899 hectares), and covers almost 9% of the total Scottish land area
  • We have a population of 86,810 (Mid Year Estimate MYE)
  • We have more inhabited islands than any other council in Scotland (23 inhabited islands).

Here you will find more facts and figures and maps of Argyll and Bute.       


You can find all the latest council news along with an extensive archive in our news section.

As of 1 April 2016 The Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership is the body that oversees the delivery of Adult Care and Children and Families services. Performance will be reported through the Partnership. You can find information on the Health and Social Care Partnership here. Read performance information prior to 1 April 2016

From 1 October 2017 Community and Culture services are delivered by LiveArgyll. You can find current performance information on the LiveArgyll Website.

Argyll and Bute Council isn't a social housing provider. Social housing and other housing options within the area are managed by several social housing providers. You can access information on the providers and the services they provide along with advice on the HOME Argyll website.

Performance Reporting and Scrutiny

Our performance reporting and scrutiny process ensures that our Elected Members and Senior Management have the information that allows them to effectively scrutinise the Council’s performance against the key priorities and objectives. This scrutiny occurs on a regular quarterly basis at the various Strategic Committees and 6-monthly at the Audit and Scrutiny Committee.

All Strategic Committees are responsible for making decisions about the work of the Council, reviewing performance against agreed objectives, monitoring improvement programmes.

The Audit and Scrutiny Committee has a non-political approach for carrying out its scrutiny activities in order to promote good, internal control, financial and risk management, governance and performance management,

You can view papers and minutes of all the Strategic Committees.

Where ever possible we use plain English, however, to help explain some of our acheivements we have put together a glossary of the most commonly used terms. Some of the terms within the document are links that will take you to further information that may be useful.

Performance Reporting

The Argyll and Bute Outcome Improvement Plan (ABOIP) / Single Outcome Agreement 2013-23 sets out the 6 local outcomes that the Council and Community Planning Partnership are committed to achieving.

Argyll and Bute Council's Performance and Improvement Framework (PIF) is fundamental to our approach for continuous improvement and service delivery. This Framework along with our performance management information makes it easier to understand how those outcomes are being delivered. Working within the Performance and Improvement Framework ensures that services are focused on continuous improvement and best value.

Just as our performance is effectively scrutinised at Council committees we want to ensure that everyone can assess our performance against the Council's plans, understand the actions the Council takes to address any areas of concern and compare our performance with other Scottish Local Authorities in a relevant and timely manner.

View the Quarterly Performance Reports 

Local Government Benchmarking Framework

All local authorities participate in the Local Government Benchmarking Framework (LGBF).The Framework ensures that all the information provided is in a standard format with other Scottish Councils and is therefore comparable. By clicking on the above link you will be taken straight to the LGBF.

There are many differences to take into account when comparing our performance with other councils. To help make these comparisons more meaningful and share good practice we are part of a 'family group' of eight other councils with similar characteristics such as the type of area and levels of deprivation.

There are two sets of Family Groups -

People's Services: Children, Social Work and Housing

Corporate Services: Environment, Culture & Leisure, Economic Development, Corporate and Property

Within People's Services we are part of Group 2 along with Angus; East Lothian; Highland; Midlothian; Moray; Scottish Borders and Stirling.

Within Corporate Services we are part of Group 1 along with Aberdeenshire; Dumfries and Galloway; Eilean Siar; Highland; Orkney Islands; Scottish Borders and Stirling.

Further information on family groups can be found on the Improvement Service website.

We have analysed our LGBF data and present our performance with supporting 'Telling Our Story' and 'Looking Forward' commentary.

Read the full report for 2017/18.

Read the full report for 2016/17.


The Council has various plans and reports that support decision making and service delivery. In the following section you can access the high level strategic documents.

ABOIP 2013-2023 (Argyll and Bute Outcome Improvement Plan - previously the Single Outcome Agreement). The ABOIP is the joint plan developed and agreed with our community planning partners, (the Community Planning Partnership - CPP). It sets out the vision, priorities and objectives for Argyll and Bute over the next ten years. There are 6 long-term outcomes that support our overall objective and we work with our partners to deliver this.

Corporate Plan 2018-2022 – This plan outlines our Corporate Objectives and Outcomes unitl 2022. There are 6 corporate outcomes, these align to the ABOIP. The corporate plan outlines specifically how the Council will contribute to the ABOIP. Our Corporate Plan is also available in Gaelic Planna Corporra 2018-2022

Assurance and Improvement Plan 2013-2016 – This plan sets out the timetable for scrutiny activity of the Council.

Service Plans – Service Plans set out the key service delivery aims for the financial year and are aligned to the Corporate Plan and Single Outcome Agreement. The Service Plans also detail the agreed measures, targets and timescales achieve the required results.

Corporate Improvement Plans - Our Improvement Plan sets out our key Improvements and timelines for timeline


Each financial quarter our performance information is recorded and reported for each department of the Council and the Council itself.

View the Quarterly Performance Reports 

Every year an Annual Performance Review is undertaken by each service, this provides the mechanism to review the previous year's key successes and challenges and identify key improvements for the coming year.

View the Service Annual Performance Reviews.

We also publish reports that give an overview of the council's performance. 

The SOA annual report is also published, this gives an overview of the performance achieved by the Council and Partners in delivering the 6 long-term outcomes.

Improvements and Transformation

We are committed to ongoing improvement and transformation where ever possible. You can find more detailed information on our improvement approach, our improvement and transformation programmes and examples of exemplary good practice.

Audited Accounts Finance and Asset Statements

Each year the council produces a set of published annual accounts that detail the previous year's financial results.  Find information on the financial results.

You can also find the Corporate Asset Management Strategy, the Corporate Asset Management Plan and Service Asset Management Plans here.

Sustainable Development and Climate Change

We are committed to taking a sustainable approach to deliver our vision and key objectives. The Argyll and Bute Local Development Plan (LDP) which was adopted in March 2015, is the Council’s key document setting out how it will facilitate Sustainable Development. See more information on the Biodiversity Duty report which has been submitted to the Scottish Government.

The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 introduced ambitious targets and legislation to reduce Scotland's emissions by at least 80 per cent by 2050. The Act additionally placed duties on public bodies relating to climate change. You can view our climate change report for 2014/15 here.