Planning application guidance

Get planning advice

Use our service to contact our planning officers for pre-application advice, on matters such as planning permissions and other consents and contraints, and any issues specific to your project or development
If you are planning to do small scale work on your property you may be entitled to permitted development. Follow some step by step guides to find out whether planning permission is required for your type of development.
If you are in a conservation area or your property is a listed building there are more stringent rules in place. If so, you may need to apply for consent in addition to any planning application that may be required. Find out more about this and apply for consent if required.
There are three types of development, these are national, major and local. These classifications depend on several factors, including the size, nature and location of your proposed development. Find out more about the different types of development here.
Find out how to make an application for permission to use A-board signs for on-street advertising, and read the guidance on how and where these signs can be used