Registering your Child for Early Learning and Childcare

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How to register your child into Early Learning and Childcare

Children born between 1st March 2020 and 28th February 2021 are eligible for funded Early Learning and Childcare in the academic year starting August 2023.

To make a late application please complete the 2023-24 form below. Please take this directly to your first choice ELC setting, with your child's birth certificate.

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If you have any queries, and our useful documents section below hasn't helped, please contact Early Years: Email or Tel 01369 708503.

Registering for or changing your child's provider

  • If you require to change/cancel your child's funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) placement please provide 4 weeks written notice to the Funded Provider of ELC.
  • If you require to make a change to your child’s Early Learning and Childcare provider and are unable to give 4 weeks written notice due to unforeseen circumstances you must contact the Early Years helpline on 01369 708503 or explaining the reason for your request.
  • To register your child for Early Learning and Childcare outwith registration week, please contact your provider of choice who will advise you further.

Cross boundary requests

A parent who lives in the Argyll and Bute Council area who wishes to access Early Learning and Childcare in another authority should contact that authority or if you require further guidance please contact the Early Years helpline on 01369 708503.


  • Early Learning and Childcare provision has no entitlement to transport.
  • We are not obliged to provide transport, however, we recognise the unique rural nature of Argyll and Bute and transport may be available in exceptional circumstances.
  • Please contact Early Years if you would like more information.

Additional year of Early Learning and Childcare

If your child is still age 4 on the day they would usually start primary 1 (P1), you’ve got the right for them to start primary school the following year instead, when they’re 5.

Children who have their fifth birthday between March and the first day of the school year, are due to start school in August.

What’s changing?

From August 2023, all children with birth dates between the second day of term in August and the end of February, are automatically entitled to receive an additional year of funded ELC and enter P1 the August after instead.

Applications for an additional year of funded ELC for children with birth dates between 1st March and the first day of term in August, will only be granted in cases warranting this at the discretion of Early Years. 

When do I need to decide/apply?

You need to indicate that you wish to apply for this additional year of ELC on the P1 application form during P1 registration week.

Now that this week has passed, any remaining requests should be emailed to

School Registration, questions and answers.

Further Information

You can speak directly to your child’s keyworker to help make a decision on what is best for your child and things to consider for your child.  

You can also visit 


ELC Information for Parents Booklet

Additional Year of ELC Leaflet

Assistance with Transport Leaflet

Cross Boundary Leaflet

23-24 Word Application for ELC

23-24 PDF Application for ELC