What is adoption?

Adoption is where the child/young person placed in your home becomes a member of your family through a legal Adoption Order granted by a Sheriff.  The new parent or parents take on all the rights and responsibilities of natural parents.  The adopted child takes the name of the family and becomes a permanent member of that family just as a birth child does.

Prospective adopters can apply to be considered to adopt children within specific age ranges and the number of children if able to take a sibling group.

It is policy within the Authority to approve some adopters as foster carers in order to place the child as early as possible.  It is discussed fully with potential adopters during the assessment but we have found that most of our adopters are prepared to take this risk.  The legal situation is fully explained at the point of placement so that people can make an informed decision.

Who to contact about adoption

How to contact the team to find out more about fostering and adoption
Contact details for some external services that provide fostering and adoption information
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