Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Service                             

The Argyll and Bute Criminal Justice Service has offices in Dunoon, Rothesay, Campbeltown, Ardrishaig, Oban and Helensburgh (see contact details)

 What do we do?

If you are convicted of an offence the Court might ask us to write a report on you to help them decide how to sentence.  Depending on our report the Court may order you to see us on a regular basis to get assistance to stop offending or be supervised on a community based punishment such as unpaid work. 

If you get a prison sentence, depending on how long and what type of sentence you get, we may be asked to have contact with you whilst you are in prison, report on any issues regarding home leave and release, and supervise your return to the community.

We are also involved in the management of high risk offenders within the community and work very closely with the Police, Health Board and other agencies to support public protection and make our communities a safer place to live in.

Some frequently asked questions

I have been accused of an offence and must appear in Court – what should I do?

The Court or Parole Board has asked for a report – what does this mean?

If I am convicted of an offence, what might happen to me?

I am concerned about the behaviour of someone who I think might be a risk to children – what should I do?

I have heard that offenders can do unpaid work to the benefit of the community – tell me more?

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